{warning} We DO NOT consider The Heroes Profile Drafter to be a perfect predicter of draft. It was built to investigate and gauge compositions. Please use the data to help supplement your draft knowledge.

Heroes Profile Bans Overview

Bans 1,2,3,4

Bans in the first 4 slots are based entirely on what heroes are the most banned heroes in the game for the given filters scaled by which heroes are most banned in the specific draft position of the draft.

To show how Draft Pick Rate can affect which heroes are show in a draft position see example below. Lets assume we are at draft pick position 1.

Lets assume the Top Bans are:

  1. D.Va 200 Games Banned
  2. Imperius 150 Games Banned
  3. Chromie 76 Games Banned
  4. Orphea 25 Games Banned

We then scale those games banned by how often those heroes are banned in the current draft position. Lets say D.Va is banned in the current drat position 5% of the time, Imperius 20% of the time, Orphea 2%, and Chromie 57%. This means we would be scaling their games banned by those values to get a new top bans list, and HP Draft Value

  1. Chromie 76 * .57 = 41.61 Games Banned at position
  2. Imperius 150 * .20 = 30 Games Banned at position
  3. D.Va 200 * .05 = 10 Games Banned at position
  4. Orphea 25 * .02 = .5 Games Banned at position

What we see, is that the ban order changes significantly depending on which heroes are banned more often in the particular draft position.

Bans 5-6

Bans in the 5 and 6 Draft Position work exactly the same as 1-4, except it also looks at the compositional data for the opposing team to see what their next best pick is, and suggest that as a good ban option.

{info} The Heroes Profile Drafter is best viewed and used on the computer. While we have made efforts to make it mobile accessible, there is a lot of information to display, and it is not entirely mobile friendly.