{warning} We DO NOT consider The Heroes Profile Drafter to be a perfect predicter of draft. It was built to investigate and gauge compositions. Please use the data to help supplement your draft knowledge.

Heroes Profile Draft Pick Order Overview

Draft Order Pick Rate

This value is the rate at which a hero is picked at a given pick position in the draft, for all the games they've played. See example below for a mockup of Li-Ming's pick rate at each position in the draft


Draft Pick Position # Ban Or Pick Rate %
1 Ban 7
2 Ban 7
3 Ban 10
4 Ban 10
5 Pick 15
6 Pick 12
7 Pick 7
8 Pick 5
9 Pick 4
10 Ban 6
11 Ban 5
12 Pick 3
13 Pick 3
14 Pick 2
15 Pick 2
16 Pick 2

In this example, we can see that of the games Li-Ming is banned or picked, she is most banned/picked in the fifth draft position (first hero pick) and least banned/picked in the last three draft positions.

Use in the draft

Each hero has their own split. We use these splits for every hero in the draft to accurately scale their HP Draft Value based on where you are in the draft. Heroes that are picked early in the draft are scaled more early in the draft, and scaled down later in the draft when they are not picked. An example of this is Tychus and Li-Ming. Tychus is not picked early in the draft as often as Li-Ming. So what you see occurring is Li-Ming showing up as a good pick early in the draft, and Tychus taking over near the end of draft.